Natural bee sting remedy and wasp sting remedy. "Bee prepared" with knowledge.

Here is what I recommend for a natural bee sting remedy and wasp sting remedy.

For most of us, bee stings aren’t a big deal. However, for some they are fatal. Seek IMMEDIATE medical attention of the person’s tongue swells, has difficultly breathing, you observe a sudden rash, or the person complains of nausea or blurred vision.

If a person is allergic, make sure you check to see if they have a special “pen” that injects epinephrine. It helps dilate their airways.

Basically you have three things to do for most people when they get a sting...

  1. Extract the sting
  2. Cleans the wound
  3. Find relief

bee sting remedyMy ALL TIME FAVORITE bee sting remedy and wasp sting remedy that works like a charm.

Here is one of those natural home remedies that I said “yeah, right!” the first time I heard it. But, after 15 years of using this remedy on myself and others, I swear by it.

Believe it or not, the answer is all around you.

The plant is plantain. (Plantago major (broad leaf) and Plantago lanceolata (long leafed or English plantain) ) This is a common “weed” found anywhere where soil has been disturbed. You’ll recognize it growing in the cracks of your neighborhood sidewalks.

This free video eBook has a lesson on using plantain. How to identify it, pick it, as well as use it. You also learn how to build your own herbal apothecary.

How to use this effective natural bee sting remedy:

  1. Pick a few leaves of plantain from a clean source. Try to gather it away from the side of the road. Also away from places where chemicals are sprayed. HOWEVER, it an emergency, you get it where you can get it.
  2. Chew the leaves up real good keeping the plant matter and saliva in the FRONT of your mouth.
  3. Spit it out on to your bee or wasp sting site.
  4. Hold it on the sting site for a few minutes until you feel relief. Repeat if necessary.

Plantain is well known to have amazing drawing power. Broad leaf plantain is preferred, but if all you can find if long leaf plantain, then that works too. Plantain also cleans and provides relief.

Last summer, at Wilderness Awareness School’s summer camps, a young camper got over 60 yellow jack stings when she stepped on a nest. Our instructors applied plantain. After camp that day, she felt fine and even went out for ice cream. She was back in action the next day!

Plantain works for cut and scrapes too!

You can also use plantain in the same way if you get a cut or scrape when you are out side without your travel first aid kit.

Kitchen remedies

Baking soda: mix the baking soda with vinegar and apply the thick paste to the wound.

Onions: Lay a fresh slice of onion on the sting.

Apple Cider Vinegar: The raw kind. Spectrum or Braggs are good brands, available at all health food stores. If bitten or stung, dab apple cider vinegar as soon as possible on the bite to draw out any poison and to prevent swelling. Thyme and rosemary infused in the vinegar are especially effective.

Homeopathic remedy

Apis: Take 4 pellets under the tongue. Let them dissolve. Homeopathics work great for first aid situations.

Are you interested in learning to make your own home remedies? I give you ALL the supplies you need! You'll make a salve that is EXCELLENT on stings and bites. Click here to read about my Herbal Medicine Making Kit.

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