"Wildcrafting" is harvesting herbs

harvesting herbsSome folks have asked us what "wildcrafting" is.

Harvesting herbs (or plants) and processing them to make food and medicine – that’s wildcrafting! We created this game as a way to introduce you to the joys of wildcrafting and herbalism.

Wildcraft! is meant to start you thinking about how the plants growing around you might be able to help you with common ailments like sniffles or cuts. Our experience and research tell us that the plants indicated can really help with each of the ailments they are linked with in the game.

What this game does not address is how the plants would need to be prepared and what parts of the plants would be used to treat these ailments. Also certain plants might work better than others in certain situations.

In the game, you will be harvesting herbs and using them right away, almost as if you could simply eat one leaf and feel completely healed. While we do find ourselves constantly amazed by how effective herbal medicine can be, it is usually not that quick and simple.

We did choose plants for the game that are safe to eat. Some may not be particularly tasty, but as long as you’ve positively identified the plant, it will be safe to consume. This is not the case for all plants that are beneficial medicinally, so be sure to do your research!

You can learn more about plants that are dangerous by downloading the FREE Wildcraft! Story that comes with the game (it's a downloadable story in PDF format). The story contains many additional teachings about safe, ethical, and effective wildcrafting.

One of the most important things to realize is that plants must be gathered in a respectful way when you are harvesting herbs.

There are some helpful plants that are endangered right now. It’s important not to over-harvest and decimate a plant population. It’s also important to gather plants in healthy areas. (Lots of great plants grow along highways, for example, but all the car exhaust leaves them less desirable for our use than plants growing in more natural settings.)

As you develop your experience with plants you can find ways to harvest herbs that are sustainable and that help the plants grow lush and healthy.

For the meantime, we think it is great that players can start learning about plants while having fun playing indoors on those rainy or cold days. Then, perhaps sometime in the future, after some training, they will go out harvesting herbs...or wildcrafting!

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