“The free herbal course that teaches you how to
heal yourself with stuff you
already have in the kitchen.”

Supermarket Herbalism eCourse

A FREE seven-day introduction to
herbs and home remedies.

Making herbal remedies is as simple as cooking.

Give me just a few minutes a day for 7 days, and I will successfully introduce you to herbal home remedies.

There is no book on the market that makes it as simple as this herbal course.

In this herbal course, you'll find answers to these questions and more...

  • What are the supermarket herbs you need to know?

  • How can you beat cold and flu season with herbs?

  • What common kitchen items make a soothing herbal bath?

  • Can you fight an on-coming cold with a spice you have in your fridge?

  • What's the best common herb in the tea aisle to relieve a stuffy nose?

  • How would you relieve an upset stomach?

  • Sooth a minor burn with one of the most common veggies in the produce section?

Over 30 minutes of added video instruction!

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Dear John and Kimberly Gallagher,

Thank you for the seven day course. And also for the herbal making kit. Also,we have used most of the herbal remedies you sent us.They really work!! Thank you so much for the every thing you sent us.

–Jared Fuhrmann

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