Learn about plants.

Take care of your families health.

Get a great foundation in herbal medicine.

LearningHerbs.com and The Herbal Medicine Making Kit are like herb classes that get you started making your own home remedies and herbal medicine. However, there’s more to herbalism than making tinctures and salves.

I have been designing and directing home study programs for over 10 years. I understand that a program needs to be informative, transformative, easy to understand, and not take too much time from one’s busy schedule.

I wrote the Roots and Branches Herbal Home Study course to be a simple introduction to herbal medicine. It's like taking several herb classes.

It’s enough to learn some essential basic herbal skills and know where to learn more should you choose to do so. For someone looking to empower themselves to take care of their family or their own health, it might be all they need. For the aspiring herbalist, it is an excellent beginning to a longer journey.

"Roots and Branches is colorful and inspiring. You learn a lot without having to put in a lot of time."

The “Roots” of the course give you the foundation you need as a budding herbalist or home medicine maker.

The “Branches” are regular FREE email updates with recipes (now called the HerbMentor News newsletter), remedies and skills so the education and inspiration never ends. You get to be an on-going part of our unique learning community.

This course even contains an 'Herbal Branch' on a very important herbal skill not available anywhere else on LearningHerbs.com.

Here’s what you’ll learn in Roots and Branches:

  • How to approach herbal medicine so it doesn’t feel overwhelming and impossible to learn.
  • What the best books are to start with, and how to use them.
  • What herbal nourishment is and how to bring it into your life.
  • How to make herbal teas and herbal infusions.
  • How to stay healthy using nourishing herbs.
  • Do herbal pill supplements really work?
  • The three healing traditions.
  • How to put together a natural travel first aid kit.
  • All about the herbs, essential oils, homeopathics and flower essences included in the first aid kit.
  • How to learn about plants by journaling along with several other methods.
  • What are the most poisonous plants and how to learn which ones grow near you.
  • Your journaling will introduce you to THE BIG SIX herbs to know.
  • All about wildcrafting using one of the best herbal wildcrafting books available.
  • How to wildcraft by actually harvesting a plant in the wild.
  • How to harvest herbs in an ethical and sustainable manner.
  • My personal secret as to where to harvest the safest herbs.
  • How to cook with wild plants.
  • How to find out what herbal schools are in your area.
  • An introduction to community herbalism.
  • How to find your herbal passion and your place in herbal medicine.
  • The best books for wild foods recipes.
  • Safe places to order herbs and supplies.
  • Links to great on-line herbal resources, books, and schools.
  • About the benefits of herbal vinegars and how to make one.

How to get Roots & Branches


Roots and Branches has been replaced by the Herbal Basics course, available on HerbMentor.com.

Herbal Basics contains much of the same material, in a much more simplified text and video format.

You can try HerbMentor.com for $1, try Herbal Basics and LOADS of other stuff as well.

If you REALLY want Roots & Branches, we have also posted it on HerbMentor.com.

If you buy an Herbal Medicine Making Kit, then you get a deeper discount on HerbMentor.com.

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