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For 20 years, LearningHerbs has helped folks make safe and reliable herbal remedies with common ingredients and the plants that grow around them.

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Did you know an onion and a jar of honey can become an effective cough syrup?

Herbal medicine can feel daunting with countless books, websites, social media, and online videos to sort through.

LearningHerbs eliminates the overwhelm and makes learning about herbs simple.

Why rely on costly supplements when powerful remedies await in your kitchen, garden, or yard?

With our Simple Herbal Learning System, you will become a confident home herbalist.

By the way, we show you how to make that Onion & Honey Cough Syrup right here.

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LearningHerbs guides you through the simplicity of infusing healing herbs into your everyday life.

We believe everyone deserves access to the herbs that grow around them and to know how to use them for food and healing.

Our free Quick Remedy Cards share our family’s most tried and true kitchen remedies, including our very favorite tea for colds & flu that uses 3 ingredients you already have in your kitchen.

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