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What’s the MOST FUN way for kids to learn about herbs? Herb Fairies!

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Remember those timeless summer days playing outside with your friends?

In today’s fast-paced world of screens and distractions, it’s more essential than ever that kids spend time outdoors… for physical, emotional and social health.

We have developed a children’s herbal learning system that engages kids through stories and encourages them to go on outdoor adventures with exciting activities!

Welcome to the magical world of

Kids Herbal Program
Kids Herbal Books

Each of the 13 Herb Fairies books is a story of its own, and they’re all connected to tell a much bigger story...

It’s a time when the plant magic was fading from the world. Four young friends discover an herb fairy at the park, and they are drawn into a healing adventure beyond their wildest dreams.

The Old Man of the Forest has cast a terrible spell, locking up much of the plant magic and draining the magic from the world.

The Herb Fairies turn to the children for help, and they all discover that only by working together and healing the magic keepers can the magic be fully restored. These stories teach in multiple ways, and by the end of the series your child will be a keeper of plant medicine magic. Herb Fairies is written by Wildcraft! board game creator, Kimberly Gallagher.

Herb Fairies is more than just books... it’s an herbal “learning system” that empowers your children.

Learning about the healing herbs is an amazing doorway to the natural world around us. With Herb Fairies, kids empower themselves with wisdom to take care of their own health naturally as they grow up.

Parents get involved by reading the books with their children and helping with the fun and simple herbal preparations, slipping easily into role of herbal mentor…even if you have no herbal experience.

Herb Fairies creates healthier kids and stronger families.

How the Learning System works

Herb Fairies

Read or listen to each story and meet 13 healing herbs

We ship you a box set of 13 printed books. You also get Story Time audiobooks that are perfect for bedtime or long car rides. Access to digital editions for all devices is included.

Herb Fairies

Become a Magic Keeper!

The Magic Keeper’s Journal helps your kids remember the identifying characteristics and healing properties of the the 13 featured plants, which were specifically chosen for their safe and kid-friendly qualities.

Herb Fairies

The budding herbalist blossoms

We include simple recipe cards for every herbal creation mentioned in the stories. In time, your kids are empowered to make their own herbal remedies. They will carry their herbal wisdom into their adult years.

Herb Fairies

Endless rainy day fun!

Our new Puzzles & Games books help your kids (of all ages) learn more about how to use the herbs featured in each of the 13 stories. Each book contains a crossword, word search, maze, word scramble, printable fairy poster, coloring page, dot-to-dot for the young ones, a paper doll, and more! All high-res PDF files so you can print as many out as you like for all the kids in your home.

Meet Herb Fairies Families

Watch our short stories of families who have deepened their connections with each other by learning about herbs together.

What folks are saying...

"Herb Fairies has been such a joy! The stories are written in such an approachable way, that even my youngest has been able to remember and identify herbs. The kids love the riddles of each tale & that triggers a fantastic ability to recall what each herb treats. As a parent, the best part is that the main children of the stories are so kind & cooperative- they have been great models in treating ourselves and others with compassion."

K. Day


"Herb Fairies is a wonderful and lasting way for children to learn. The benefits of each herb is encapsulated by magical fairies who teach courage, honesty and the importance of helping others."

K. Relf

United Kingdom

"Herb Fairies hit the nail on the head. These books are empowering to my children (as well as to me) and can be empowering to you. I would recommend these books with pleasure."

J. De Laurentiis

New York

"The Herb Fairy series weaves together a beautiful picture of plant medicine, magic, love, compassion, communication, respect, joy, trust, awareness, inspiration, simplicity and much more....I really appreciate the gender and age balance in the stories as well and believe that the books will grow with my son. I think storytelling is a critical way to pass down the art of herbalism."

J. Jackowski


"The Herb Fairy Books are so well written and the art work is exceptional. I highly recommend this program to everyone regardless of their children's ages. The price of the program is very reasonable especially when you compare all the benefits you and your family will receive."

D. Majewski

North Carolina

"Herb Fairies has opened up the world of plants for my four year old in a way that my most earnest instruction somehow did not. I feel she is connected to the plant world now in a deeper part of her being."

B. Cook

New Zealand

What’s included?

The Herb Fairies Box Set, shipped to you

Herb Fairies

Herb Fairies now includes printed copies of all 13 books. This box set is not sold separately. Books are printed in the U.S.A. on Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper. FREE SHIPPING for U.S. orders. We discount shipping for all other countries, as the box sets are heavy.

Instant Access to the Herb Fairies Private Website

Children's Herbal Books

This website works on all devices and includes...


For each of the 13 books, download Magic Keepers Journal pages, recipe & remedy cards, and Puzzles & Games book containing loads of fun activities. You can print all of this at home for repeated use or for multiple children.


Each story is narrated by author Kimberly Gallagher. Stream online or download to your device. Want to start right away or read on your mobile device? You also get digital copies of each book!


Make the experience as simple as possible for parents new to herbs with our downloadable guide.


Ask questions and share stories with other Herb Fairies parents.


Herbal Remedies for Children During Cold & Flu Season eBook by Rosalee de la ForĂŞt, plus recipe videos, an Herb Fairies coloring book and a way for your kids to create their OWN Herb Fairies adventures!


Your kids will read and work on Herb Fairies year after year, and pass it on to their younger siblings as they grow up. There are NO ongoing membership fees.

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