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Which is a more complete way to use herbs for Cold & Flu Season?

#1: How most people use herbs?

Or #2:  the Art of Herbalism!

It’s time for the “Cycle of Sickness” again…

This is when one person in a household catches a cold, and it’s in the house for weeks. Just when you think it’s over, it can start right up again. You do not have time for this.

We all want to believe that there is a “quick fix” that will end the cycle and get life going again.

I’m not just talking about over-the-counter cold medications. Most people unsuccessfully try to use herbs as the quick fix as well.

The truth is, there are no “miracle” cold cures.

Here is the danger…

When we just keep pushing ourselves, we miss what the illness is trying to tell us, and we miss an opportunity to slow down and care for ourselves and those we love.

The miracle cures not only suppress the immune system, they can often have a negative effect on the healing process.

You probably remember your mom’s bowl of soup and kiss on the forehead MORE than the spoonful of medicine she gave you, right?

Herbal Cold Care

When you dump the “Quick-Fix Mentality” and reclaim your role as healer, you facilitate stronger bonds with your family and create lifelong memories.

The Art of Herbalism combines deep connections with learning how to make amazing herbal remedies that are safe, effective, and easy to make.

You now have a complete picture of a healing environment, where colds and flus spend way less time… and the cycle of sickness rarely shows up.


with herbalist Rosalee de la Forêt

Herbal Cold Care covers…

  • Expert advice on how to use herbs safely and confidently
  • What foods and herbs can prevent a cold by supporting a healthy immune system (not suppressing it!)
  • How to know the correct herbal dosage for adults and kids
  • The truth behind common herbal myths (don't be fooled by these "herban legends")
  • The best remedies to take if you feel a cold taking hold, so you can stop a cold or flu in its tracks (there are two symptom classifications)
  • 8 Natural Therapies that greatly enhance the effectiveness of herbs
  • How to pinpoint and accurately treat the many types of coughs and congestion
  • How to address swollen lymph glands and soothe a sore throat
  • Fever management based on the two types of fevers (it's important to get this right)
  • How to use the Art of Herbalism to choose the best herbs for the situation
  • The most overlooked part of the cold and flu healing process – doing this will stop the "Cycle of Sickness" in your home

By the end of Herbal Cold Care, you will understand the entire Key to Winter Wellness, drastically reducing the number of sick days in your household.

How Herbal Cold Care works

Herbal Cold Care

10 Modules Teach The Entire Herbal Cold Care System

Module 1: Getting Started

Many believe herbalism simply involves substituting herbs for pharmaceuticals, like opting for willow bark over Tylenol for a headache. However, herbalism is much more nuanced. This video will introduce the art of herbalism, differentiate between colds, the flu, and stomach “flu,” and discuss the benefits and challenges of herbal remedies. Rosalee will also highlight when it’s crucial to see a doctor.

Module 2: Dosage

Effective herbal medicine is not just about the herb, but how it’s taken. Understand the ideal dosage, frequency, and duration to maximize benefits. This module will guide you in determining the optimal herbal dosage, various strategies for using herbs, and specific dosages for bulk herbs, tinctures, and powders. Concerned about dosing for children? We’ve addressed that too.

Module 3: Prevention Part I

While using herbs for ailments like cold or flu is beneficial, prevention is paramount. Hand washing, although vital, isn’t the sole method for staying healthy. Our immune system plays a crucial role. In this segment, Rosalee discusses bolstering the immune system through lifestyle choices and specific nutrients.

Module 4: Prevention Part II

Building on Part I, Rosalee introduces herbs that can enhance immune system health. Marrying the lifestyle choices from the first segment with the herbs discussed here can greatly diminish your risk of upper respiratory infections.

Module 5: At the First Sign

Despite preventive measures, illnesses occur. The early stages of a cold or flu present a pivotal moment to bolster the immune system, potentially curtailing or even preventing the illness. Learn how herbs and natural therapies can help, why echinacea might not always be suitable, and why Rosalee typically advises against goldenseal at the initial signs of illness.

Module 6: Sore Throats and Dry Coughs

Addressing painful symptoms like sore throats and dry coughs requires more than generic over-the-counter medications. Herbal medicine targets the root causes. With the right knowledge, utilize a range of herbs to alleviate a painful throat or persistent cough.

Module 7: Coughs and Congestion

Suppressing a cough during congestion isn’t ideal. Instead, assist your body in expelling the congestion. This module presents potent herbs to address congestion, restoring healthy breathing and robust lung function.

Module 8: Fevers

Fevers, though often feared, are typically a natural and beneficial immune response. Using herbs for fevers isn’t about suppressing them but supporting the body’s immune function and alleviating discomfort. Recognize the rare instances when fevers might be harmful, ensuring you seek help when necessary.

Module 9: Recovery

Recovering thoroughly from an illness is crucial. Rushing back to routine activities can jeopardize recovery. Learn about herbs and foods that address lingering symptoms and support complete recovery.

Module 10: Putting it All Together

This concluding module synthesizes the course, preparing you for cold and flu season. Rosalee shares her top three herbs for these ailments and her primary recommendation for the season.

Hands-on remedies help you integrate the video lessons

Herbal Cold Care

Rosalee has prepared over 50 remedy and recipe cards that will help you learn every part of the course. In time, these remedies will become part of your family herbal legacy. Remedy Cards include…

  • Four Thieves Vinegar
  • Cherry Bark Cough Syrup
  • Sore Throat Pastilles
  • Elderberry Oxymel
  • Mustard Plaster
  • Simple Electrolyte Blend
  • Vitamin C Pills
  • Herbal Cough Drops
  • Throat Coat Recipe
  • Fire Cider
  • Elderflower Tea
  • Reishi & Dandelion Root Tea
  • At the First Sign Tincture Blend
  • Sage and Thyme Gargle
  • Herbal Throat Spray
  • Ginger Candy
  • Meadowsweet Elixir
  • 32 more effective cold care recipes

How you use herbs for colds and flu is about to change forever.

Herbal Cold Care

Herbal Cold Care is an amazing foundation for those wanting to learn about herbs and help themselves and their families naturally. The course contains 10 video lessons and lots of bonuses.

What’s so cool about our course website?

  • Experience learning at your own pace.
  • There is no deadline, expiration date, and you never loose access.
  • We include full PDF transcripts, slides, and audio MP3 versions of all lessons.

Our bonuses answer your most common questions

How do I learn more about the actual herbs covered in the course?

29 Plant Monographs give you detailed information about many of the herbs mentioned in this course. There is so much information in these monographs, they are like a mini-course in themselves.

Herbal Cold Care

Elderberry is the herb I hear most about these days. How can I learn more about elderberry specifically?

Elder is one of Rosalee’s favorite herbs for colds and the flu. In The Ultimate Elderberry Ebook you’ll learn all about elder plus get lots of recipes to use both the flowers and the berries. Elder is an amazing plant that has been used as medicine, food and tools for eons. From a decadent facial cream to Rosalee’s favorite elderberry syrup recipes, this ebook is Rosalee’s tribute to this amazing plant.

Elderberry Book

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Since 2005, LearningHerbs has offered the very best in online herbal education at affordable prices.

You have 30 days to try Herbal Cold Care. If it’s not for you, just ask for a full refund. There is absolutely NO risk.

How can I learn more about helping my kids?

This is our most frequently asked question in herbal cold and flu care. We are including Rosalee de la Forêt’s Herbal Remedies for Children During Cold & Flu Season ebook.

Learn how to use herbs with kids, dosage considerations, how to specifically help kids when they have fevers, and how to deal with tons of symptoms. These 86 pages are a treasure trove of herbal wisdom.

Herbal Remedies for Kids Book

Which herb can I use daily to help my immune system?

Astragalus root is renowned for its beneficial effects on the immune system. It has been shown to reduce the occurrence of common respiratory illnesses and bolster immune system activity. Recipes in The Ultimate Astragalus Ebook include Astragalus and Shiitake Chocolate Chip Cookies, Five Flavored Autumn Wellness Tea, Astragalus and Miso Broth, Astragalus Chai, Astragalus Congee, and Nourishing Bone Broth. This new book gets into the health, botanical, and dosage details for astragalus as well.

Astragalus Book

What people are saying about Herbal Cold Care

Herbal Cold Care gives you the whole picture, for less.

This course is NOT the mythical “Quick-Fix” Solution, but it saves you WAY more time. Fewer sick days. Less time suffering symptoms.

Herbal Cold Care costs about half the price of ONE visit to the doctor. Imagine what you’ll save when you make your own remedies!

Also, making your own herbal remedies is WAY more fun.

If you’re a parent, making these recipes will forge amazing bonds between you and your kids.

A family legacy steeped in the Art of Herbalism begins with you.

Your instructor is Rosalee de la Forêt, clinical herbalist, educator, professional member of the American Herbalists Guild, and author of the best-selling books Alchemy of Herbs and Wild Remedies.

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