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“How to learn about herbal medicine & not feel overwhelmed...”

Maya was set on a goal: to enhance her family’s health through the use of herbal remedies. To get started, she bought books, subscribed to YouTube channels, and joined various social media groups.

Despite her efforts, the sheer volume of information she encountered soon became overwhelming. The questions mounted: which sources were reliable? Where should she start?

From my three decades of experience training individuals like Maya, I’ve deduced three essential elements needed to effectively learn herbal medicine.

  • First, you need Guidance - a structured learning pathway that helps steer you clear of information overload.
  • Second, a supportive Community is indispensable. Having a network of people to lean on when you hit obstacles and to celebrate your milestones can significantly bolster your success.
  • Third, Expert Trainings and Vetted Resources. The internet is teeming with misleading information about herbal remedies, making trustworthy resources vital for learning.

HerbMentor is your comprehensive solution – providing the guidance, community, training, and resources you need to become a confident home herbalist.

Since 2007, HerbMentor has been instrumental in helping thousands of people lead healthier lives through dependable knowledge of herbal remedies.

Your herbal journey begins with a simple spark of curiosity…

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HerbMentor is a complete online herb school. It can also be a wonderful complement to any herbal program you’re already part of. HerbMentor’s core curriculum encompasses a broad range of skills from medicine making and wildcrafting to gardening and botany.

The HerbMentor Course Library inspires you to follow your passion and choose the path that interests you the most..


Are You New to Herbs?

Getting Started with Herbs is the perfect place to begin. 3 simple lessons that help you explore, identify, and make a remedy with an herb.

Harvest Wild Plants

Wildcrafter’s Toolkit gives you practical information on how to gather and process the medicinal plants that grow around you.

Plant a Garden

Cultivating Wellness takes a permaculture approach to designing, planning, building, and growing your own medicine.

What Herbs Grow Around You?

Learning Your Plants teaches you exactly what medicinal plants and trees grow in YOUR bioregion. Gain the skills to ID plants anywhere.

Learn from Rosemary Gladstar

Rosemary’s Remedies is a video collection of 23 of Rosemary Gladstar's most beloved and classic remedies and recipes.

Make Your Own Remedies

Herbal Basics covers 18 remedy skills, from tinctures and oils to decoctions and salves. Make your own home first aid kit.

Whether you’re dipping your toes into the world of herbs for the first time or you’re a seasoned herbalist, our simple courses will deepen your wisdom and sharpen your skills.

Discover the healing power of food as medicine, the dynamics of herb energetics, effective natural stress relief strategies, the importance of seasonal wellness, the essentials of first aid, and the specific benefits of herbs for each body system. Delve into the rich tapestry of folk medicine through our ever-growing list of short courses. Plus, you’ll even impress your friends with delicious botanical cocktails and mocktails. 

Many of our courses can be listened to like podcasts. Some are video courses that take you deep into specialized skills. They are all designed for your busy lifestyle. Just take it little by little…


Understanding Our Bodies & The Herbs That Make Them Healthy

Thomas Easley’s Radicle Herbal is a ten-part series that dives into human physiology through an herbal lens.

Herbal Cocktails & Mocktails for Everyone

In Botanical Mixology, Emily Han shows you how to create exquisite craft cocktails and mocktails with an herbal twist.

Herb First Aid with 7Song

Herb First Aid is an in-depth course by 7Song that demonstrates herbs and therapies for first aid situations.

Simple Home Medicine Making

In Folk Medicine: Changing the Narrative, Shereel Washington digs into her cultural roots to discover the simplicity of making medicine.

Using Herbs for Holistic Healing

In Five Phases, Larken Bunce shows you the basics of East Asian medicine and how it can help you stay healthy with the seasons.

Your Kitchen is Already an Apothecary

Culinary Herbalism, with K.P. Khalsa is a video series that teaches you the healing qualities of food. Includes recipes.

Solutions for Stress & Inflammation

Relax, with K.P. Khalsa, is a five-part series that digs deep into what causes the most common stress-related illnesses.

Energetics in Western Herbalism

In Foundational Herbcraft, jim mcdonald lays the herbal groundwork in this series about understanding herbal actions and energetics.

Healthy Eating & Healing with Food

In Food as Medicine you will learn how herbs are used every day to keep you healthy and not just for when you get sick.

Our extensive Resource Library offers a rich collection of plant walks, class videos, and in-depth interviews, granting you access to wisdom from renowned herbalists such as Rosemary Gladstar, jim mcdonald, Rosalee de la Forêt, Thomas Easley, K.P. Khalsa, 7Song, Shereel Washington, David Hoffmann, Brigitte Mars, Matthew Wood, Michael Tierra, and many more! Explore this treasure trove of herbal knowledge and connect with the insights of leading experts in the field…

Learn to Think Like an Herbalist

In Herbs in Practice, Rosalee de la Forêt reveals a more holistic approach to healing for chronic health situations.

Over 200 Video Plant Walks!

A few of the spots you'll visit are Rosemary Gladstar's Garden, 7Song's Meadow, France with Rosalee, the woods with jim mcdonald, and Bastyr's garden with Margi Flint.

58 Episodes of HerbTV Classic

Our most treasured herbalists teach herbal actions, first aid, family health, energetics, Chinese herbs, mushrooms, skin health, remedies for children and much more.

Learn herbalism at your own pace with HerbMentor. Tune in from your garden, or fit in a lesson over a quick break. Our platform supports your unique lifestyle, making herbal education flexible and accessible wherever you are.

Whether you aim to enrich your life with little herbal wisdom or embark on a journey to become a professional herbal healer, HerbMentor supports all aspirations.

With HerbMentor, the entire world of herbalism is just a click away, offering you the opportunity to transform your health and deepen your connection with nature.

Herbal Information You Can Trust


Say you want to learn about dandelions...

Our Plant Profile Monographs are more in-depth than many books. For example, after reading about dandelion, a simple search on LearningHerbs will bring up recipes like dandelion pesto, lemonade, fritters, cookies, or chai.

20 years of well-researched plant monographs and references make HerbMentor and LearningHerbs the most complete and well-curated herbal education sites. We’ve even won awards!

Stream courses, listen to podcasts, ask questions, and look up stuff with the LearningHerbs mobile app.

Use the mobile app to identify any plant while in the field.

Sage A.I. has a concise and accurate answer for practically any herbal question you have. Sage has been trained on 20 years of LearningHerbs content.

Save 10% on bulk herbs & supplies from Mountain Rose Herbs. Your savings could cover a big portion of your membership cost.

Need help?

Can you imagine learning something you’re passionate about without having any support?

Anytime you have a question about an herb, a plant you found on a hike, or are wondering the best way to to make calendula oil, just ask. Set goals, share wins, and learn by helping others. The HerbMentor community is a safe and social-media free way of connecting with your fellow herb nerds.


Since 2007, HerbMentor has transformed the lives of many budding herbalists.

We wanted to hear their incredible stories, so we hit the road…


Everyone is Welcome on HerbMentor!

If you’re a beginner,
 we’ll give you the perfect framework to start your adventure.

If you are a little further down the path or even enrolled in a program, we’ll help you get the most out of HerbMentor.

HerbMentor is our membership site that provides a safe and inclusive learning environment for everyone.

My herbal apprenticeship cost me thousands of dollars a year, and that was back in 1999.

HerbMentor costs less per month than premium video streaming services… for quality courses, reliable references, and a supportive community.

Since you can try HerbMentor for $1, why not check it out?

HerbMentor works on desktop and mobile devices. We even have an app that’s exclusive to members.

Leave behind the endless browser bookmarks and join us on HerbMentor, your new home for herbal education.

See you in our community!

John Gallagher
LearningHerbs co-founder and creator of HerbMentor

PS- We want to support your dream of being a home herbalist, clinician, business owner, or whatever is down your herbal path. HerbMentor is fully customizable to your experience level and perfect for new learners.

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